Welcome to Sasabe Pipeline Co.

Sasabe Pipeline Co., is a partnership engaged in the transportation, storage, terminalling and marketing of crude oil, refined products and liquefied petroleum gas and other natural gas related petroleum products (together "NGL").  Through our general partner interest and majority equity ownership position in PAA Natural Gas Storage, L.P., we are also engaged in the development and operation of natural gas storage facilities.

We own and operate a diversified portfolio of strategically located pipelines and assets that play a vital role in the movement of U.S. and Canadian energy supplies.  On average we handle over 3 million barrels per day of crude oil, refined products and NGL through our extensive network of assets located in key North American producing basins and transportation gateways.

 It is our goal to increase our distribution to Unitholders over time through a combination of internal and acquisition-oriented growth.

Sasabe Pipeline Co., now is working on southeastern Arizona, which would include constructing a new 36-inch diameter lateral pipeline and facilities to provide an initial 160 million cubic feet per day of firm capacity from a point of interconnection with existing pipeline system west of Tucson, Arizona. As proposed, the Sasabe Lateral would extend approximately 60 miles in a southwesterly direction to a point at the U.S.-Mexico border, near Sasabe, Arizona, where it would interconnect with a new pipeline in Mexico.

We are headquartered in Arizona.


Our vision is to become the premier crude oil and refined products transportation and marketing company in the United States and Canada by providing the utmost in value-added services to our customers, and in doing so, delivering superior returns to our stakeholders.

Business Strategy


Our principal business strategy is to provide competitive and efficient midstream transportation, terminalling, storage, processing, fractionation and supply and logistics services to our producer, refiner and other customers. Toward this end, we endeavor to address regional supply and demand imbalances for crude oil, refined products, NGL and natural gas in the United States and Canada by combining the strategic location and capabilities of our transportation, terminalling, storage, processing and fractionation assets with our extensive supply, logistics and distribution expertise.

We believe successful execution of this strategy will enable us to generate sustainable earnings and cash flow. We intend to manage and grow our business by:

  • optimizing our existing assets and realizing cost efficiencies through operational improvements;
  • using our transportation, terminalling, storage, processing and fractionation assets in conjunction with our supply and logistics activities to capitalize on inefficient energy markets and to access physical market imbalances, mitigate inherent risks and increase margin;
  • developing and implementing internal growth projects that (i) address evolving crude oil. refined products, natural gas and NGL needs in the midstream transportation and infrastructure sector and (ii) are well positioned to benefit from long-term industry trends and opportunities;
  • selectively pursuing strategic and accretive acquisitions that complements our existing asset base and distribution capabilities; and
  • capitalizing on the the anticipated long-term growth in demand for natural gas storage services in North America by owning and operating high-quality natural gas storage facilities and providing our current and future customers reliable, competitive and flexible natural gas storage and related services through our ownership in PNG.


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