Environmental, Health & Safety

Sasabe Pipeline Co. and its affiliated limited partnerships adhere to high standards of environmental quality and are committed to providing a workplace that protects the health and safety of our employees and the communities surrounding our facilities.  In order to achieve this objective, Plains All American strives to have the environment, health & safety fully integrated into its business planning and decision making process. We believe this will enhance and promote the protection of our employees, human health and the environment while increasing value for our stakeholders.
It is the policy of the partnership that:

  • all operations be conducted in compliance with all applicable EH&S laws, rules and regulations;
  • appropriate design, construction, operation and waste managment standards be implemented to protect human health and the environment;
  • employees be trained and empowered to recognize individual responsibility and accountability for EH&S activities related to their job performance; and
  • programs be implemented for self-monitoring, site security, accident investigation and emergency preparedness.

Sasabe Pipeline's employee health and safety programs have had outstanding results and received industry recognition due to the low number of work-related accidents and/or injuries. Over the last four years, which was a period of significant corporate growth, Plains All American's OSHA recordable incident/accident rate has been consistently better than the average of the overall pipeline industry. In fact, our OSHA recordable incident rate has consistently been rated in the upper quartile for the liquids pipeline industry.

Our Environmental, Health and Safety program is successful because it is developed, supported and carried out by our employees, from the senior management team down to the newest hire. At Plains All American, our commitment to EH&S excellence goes beyond just operating our facilities in a responsible manner, but reflects the vision and dedication shared by our management team and our employees who operate our facilities on a daily basis.



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